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About Us

SUNPLUS Technology is a technology focused company specialized in optics imaging detection, industrial automation application, and motion control in a wide range of applications, such as petrochemical industry, plastic film, lithium battery, solar energy, glass, energy, special resin materials, etc.

SUNPLUS provides customers with complete automation solution of defects detection and analyzation for transparent materials, as well as the recognition and validation technology for defect analyzation, to which further improve the quality of products and production efficiencies

Common defects are caused by process influence from different composition of materials and their impurities. Identifying and displaying the structure of defects facilities in the identification of composition of raw materials, which helps to further improve the quality of the product. Therefore, proper detection and validation of the defects is crucial to raise the quality level of products.

SUNPLUS Technology’s innovative fish-eye (defect) automatic detection and measuring system is developed to meet the demand in accurate identification and validation of fish-eye defects during the manufacturing process. This technology can not only be applied for in-line real time and continuously service but also for lab base off-line analyzation for piece of film in batches. This off-line base analyzer also provides customers another inspection platform to detect and analyze the defects, such as blackspot, hole, or the shape of beads of other translucent materials.

In addition, SUNPLUS Technology’s defect inspection technology can also be extended to plate glass, glass tube and other transparent materials, covering to a wide range of industries and products.

SUNPLUS Technology also has extensive project experience in LNG storage, safety supply and emergency handling business based on engineering and process control technology, where we provide our knowledge and experience with consulting, construction, system commissioning on site and station running management. and contribute hence to properly utilize the energy distribution network and to improve the livelihood supply of the society.

The integrated solution of automation is based on the capability of integration of intelligent information and the capability of decision-making. This capability can further improve the production efficiency and ensure a fine quality of products with a better rate of cost-efficiency. Therefore, it definitely offer the customer a guarantee of stable and safe production.

What the contribution of SUNPLUS to raising capability of industrial production comes from the interesting and perseverance focusing on the tough technical problems, as well as from our innovations and applications. Furthermore, SUNPLUS sincerely listen to the demands of the users and feed back quickly. SUNPLUS believe that a fine interaction between customer and us will inspire and improve ourselves. SUNPLUS appreciate the value support and trust from all customers, and are looking forward to having new cooperations.