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Web Film Defect In-line Detection and Analyze System
Web Film Defect In-line Detection and Analyze System
Hotline: +86 13601617208


-Detect and analyze defects, on Web film surfaces in-line and in real-time, including fish-eye, black spots, white spots stain, impurity, hole, spots, plaque, strip, etc.

-Applicable film material include PPS, PP,PE,PET,PVC,PPS,BOPP,BOPE,EVA or any other transparent resin based film.

-Real-time surface inspection in-line,defect-free classification and alarm during production of web film. 

-The unique system is designed for transparent film detection, but it can also be used to detect defects in semi-transparent film.


-Applicable film width : unlimited width of film by parallel extension of CCD assembly on request.

-Running condition: 24/7 running and 100% inspected.

-Min. target radius:0.06mm. Also available in smaller target radius with different CCD.

-Resolution:  Less than 0.03mm upon applicable pixel of CCD selected to meet requested resolution.

-Sensor: area-scan CCD.

-Film moving speed: less then 500m/min.

-Communication interface: RS232/RS485/Ethernet/USB

-Light assembly: LED cold light.

-Power supplier: 220VAC 50Hz

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