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Edge and Wire In-line Analyzer
Edge and Wire In-line Analyzer
Hotline: +86 13601617208


-Detect and analyze the quality on glass edge surfaces in real-time after glass is cut.  

-Detect and analyze the quality of transparent wire line or narrow strip of film. 

-Also detect and analyze the quality of other wire or silk in-line, such as chemical silk, wovens, electric cable, steel wire, etc.

-The surface quality of wire or belt material includes edge size or outer diameter, as well as any bubble, stone, impurity or stain, etc.


-Applicable width of material : 50mm or lower

-Applicable OD of wire: Ø30 or lower

-Min. target radius:<0.05mm.

-Resolution:  < 0.025mm.

-Sensor: area-scan CCD with high resolution lens.

-Material moving speed: less then 6000m/min, is subject to different material.

-Communication interface: RS232/RS485/Ethernet/USB

-Light assembly: LED cold light, 20watt.

-Illumination: adjustable.

-Power supplier: 220VAC 50Hz

-Dimension( WⅹDⅹH):    120mmⅹ230mmⅹ350mm

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