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Defect , Diameter, Thickness In-line Detect and Analyze System of Glass Tube
Defect , Diameter, Thickness In-line Detect and Analyze System of Glass Tube
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- GTA series is a detector and analyzer to inspect and measure, in real-time, the surface quality of glass tube. It automatically measures and inspects the surface defect, the outer diameter and thickness of the tube, which of three functions integrated in one model. This device is an intelligent detection instrument with function features of non-contact, continuous and in all direction of 360°. It can be installed to work in the production line and provide sorting function of glass tube as well.

- GTA-H series is an enhance model to work at hot segment by purging with cold cooling air, which can more closely monitor, adjust and control the tube forming process.


-Size range: OD less than 110mm for glass tube and rod as well.

-Senser unit: single, double and triple senser configuration for OD less than 20mm,from 20mm to 30mm,and more than 30mm of tube ,respectively. 

-Accuracy: less than 0.01mm(when OD=50mm),which depends on the velocity and size of the tube. It is also available by changing the senser for more less accuracy.

-Velocity of glass tube: is up to 1000meters/min. 

-Working distance: adjustable.

-Illuminator: adjustable.

-Minimum installation height: 350mm from ground to the line center of glass tube.

-Cooling type: fan cooling being controlled by manual or automatic operation(option)   

-Cold air purging (option): DN20NPT connector。

-Power Supply: 220V,50HZ

-Communication port: RS232/RS485/USB3.0/Ethernet(TCP/IP)

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