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A New Era of Automatic Fish-eye Inspection Technology for Transparent Film




Detecting and measuring the defects on film is a key procedure of material quality assurance in plastic resin industry. It is important not only in the section of lab inspection but also in the real time process of production.

Model 1908 fish-eye automatic detection and analyzer, which is invented by SUNPLUS, is able to display in real time, all available fish-eyes over an area scope of film, and clearly observe these defects by zoom in or out. In addition, it has a function of one-key-detection, which automatically detects and measures all fish-eyes and show the imaging map in a defined area quickly. Then it automatically generates a summary report with all detected data classified to user’s requirement. The report and all historic data are stored and can be reviewed at any time.

According the regulation of Chinese film fish-eye detection standard GB/T 6595-86,the size of fish-eye must be measured in the biggest diameter of the core of fish-eye after getting  rid of the shadow illusion around. Traditionally, limited to the proper technology available, one may only measure its size from the entire shadow spot, which is not an accurate measurement of the defect and doesn’t comply with the requirement of this standard. SUNPLUS have now an innovative solution to this technical issue. SUNPLUS’s latest inspection technology allows the correct recognition and precise size measurement the fish-eyes defect. Therefore, this launching of the model 1908 of fish-eye analyzer means a significant and fundamental technical breakout in film inspection industry. 

FSD series in-line fish-eye film surface detection and analyzing system is another significant achievement that SUNPLUS have developed for this industry. By using of area CCD with high resolution lens, together with a special led optics design, this system is able to observe and detect the fish-eye on the in-line film in real time. The advance algorithm which fully makes use of the features of the fish-eye, makes the calculation, recognition, and data flow going forward steadily and smoothly. In addition, the application software has functions to realize data storage, historic data review, and can provide automatic validation of the detection result.

SUNPLUS Technology offers a large range of models to achieve detection and measurement in a wide range of film sizes as well as other custom solutions with varied transparency, thickness, and inner textures.

SUNPLUS is proud to lead in innovative detection technologies as our custom solutions marks a new era for film detection and will widely benefit all users in the world.